Wolff Electronic Design is recognized Design Services Partner of Micirum.  

Wolff Electronic Design personnel have attended Micrium Training Classes and have been working with Micrium products for many years.  

Some examples of the projects that our personnel have been involved with include:

  • Implemented uC/OS-II with uC/USB Device and Host (HID + Mass Storage Classes) and uC/GUI for a company involved in water quality monitoring.
  • Implemented uC/OS-II with USB Device (Mass Storage Class) and uC/FS with Custom SPI NAND Flash Driver for a consumer medical device for major medical company. 
  • Developed USB Host Driver for NXP USB processor for use in a Multi-language Keyboard.
  • Implemented uC/OS-II in a grill utilized in one of the top 5 fast food restaurants in the United States.
  • Implemented uC/OS in system for (Confidential).

We have considerable experience developing custom hardware and with RTOS's, Embedded GUI's, USB (including Mass Storage Class), Ethernet and Modbus  which aligns well with Micriums product offerings.

We offer both product design services and consulting services involving Micrium Products.